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Using the gitlab registry

Here’s an easy workflow to use the container registry make available to Gitlab projects. You first need to create a token. A Personal Access Token is usable with any project you have access to. A Deploy token is scoped to a group or a project.

Personal Access Token

If you decide to use a Personal Access Token you first need to create one with the api access. As mentioned in the doc, you can do this on the instance by following this link. If you are logged in Gitlab, it prefills the form (just change the name of the token ;-) ). The username to combine with this token is your gitlab username.

Deploy token

If you decide to use a Deploy Token, you can create it following these instructions. In this case you generate both a username and a token.

Using the registry

You can now authenticate to the gitlab registry with this command

docker --config /path/to/my/projects/private_files login

This will prompt you for your username (your gitlab username) and password (the Personal Access Token you just created). As docker doesn’t support multiple credentials for one registry, I pass the --config flag so that docker saves the credentials in the new file /path/to/my/projects/private_files/config.json. The credentials are saved in clear text, so you should probably protect it, eg with git-crypt.

When this is done, you can build your image locally and name them so they can be pushed to the registry:

docker build -t${username}/${project} .

You can them push them with

docker --config /path/to/my/projects/private_files push${username}/${project}