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Jsonnet Training Intro Available for Feedback

If you read this blog, you might have understood I’m a Jsonnet fan. To help people getting started with Jsonnet, I have prepared an online training. Here’s the first chapter, an introduction showing why you should be interested in Jsonnet. As this is my first online training production, your feedback is very welcome at I hope this video raises you interest in Jsonnet. If you’re a self-learner, go to jsonnet.

Starting With Kapitan

Kapitan is a tool generating configuration files (and more), handling extension of configs and overriding of values. It is great when you need to generate complex configurations or config files that slightly differ by being used in slightly different scenarios. For example staging vs production, or client A vs client B. It is supporting multiple templating approaches, my favourite being jsonnet, which is the only we will cover here. It can be used to generated Kubernetes configurations, but not only.